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Honda Allies with Competitors to Found Connectivity Consortium

New car apps offer greater convenience and in many instances greater comfort. There's just one small problem: the way drivers interact with apps varies from model to model. For some, smartphones serve as the interface. For others, apps are loaded directly onto the vehicle's telematics system. For all, this can seem clunky, inefficient, and most of all - confusing.

To help promote a simple, consistent way for drivers to interact with car apps, Honda has teamed up with other industry bigwigs to found the Connectivity Consortium.  Ultimately, the Consortium aims to standardize the Terminal Mode app system first glimpsed…

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New Honda EV Concept Special Preview

Honda has very high standards for green driving. You might have heard some ad or read a press release hinting at the company's less-than-impressed view of electric vehicles (EVs). If you have, the phrase "near-future technology" used in association with plug-in vehicles should be at least vaguely familiar. Honda believes the ultimate goal of the green driving market is a selection of mass produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, such as its own FCX Clarity…

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