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Honda Fit Wins Big at Punishing Rally Track Overseas

The 2012 Honda Fit may be known for its efficiency and subcompact maneuverability here in the United States, but overseas, where it's known as the Honda Jazz, it carries a much different image. Specifically, Honda races its feisty hatchback in rally races in Australia, and it performs quite well.

Of course, as much as we here at Germain Honda of Dublin would love to give all the credit to the Honda Fit, we know that there's some hard work being put in by the drivers too. Specifically the rally team of Eli Evans and Glen Weston, along with teammates, Mark Pedder and Claire Ryan have led the Fit to some impressive wings, the latest of which came at the recent leg of Rally Calder.

And just how intense is the action? Pedder describes a bit of the punishment that the Fit endures on the muddy and slippery course, saying, "We were just coming through a fairly tight second gear corner and heard a big bang. Initially I thought it was a drive shaft, then we lost a bit of drive and then it locked in third, so we puddled our way through the stage."1

And that's only a small sampling of what the Honda Fit can endure. We're inclined to say that if it can handle whatever the rally track can throw its way, it can likely handle your day-to-day commute. And that's why we invite you to 6715 Sawmill Road Dublin, OH 43017 to take it or any other new Honda for a test drive.

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