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4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car & Garage

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the spring cleaning bug.  If longer days and warmer temperatures get you thinking about fresh new starts, you're not alone. While your first thoughts might be about your house or yard, don't forget about your garage and car. Check out these spring cleaning tips to get your garage (and what's in it) impeccably clean, organized, and ready for the warmer Columbus weather.


Tip #1: Clear Out the Clutter


Did you know that 57% of two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them — or have room…

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Why Buying Versus Leasing Matters

There may be many people who do not consider there to be a big difference when you buy or lease a car. Either way, you are making monthly payments for the vehicle and the depreciation on your vehicle makes it so that at the end of your lease term the value will be about the same either way.

Buying versus leasing matters as:

- when you buy a car you have an asset you can resell or use without monthly loan payments going forward

- when you lease a car you can trade in and get a new vehicle in a short…

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Have A Crack On Your Windshield?

The windshield can be one of the most fragile parts of any vehicle. Not only does it get subjected to strong winds as well as heavy rain and snow, but it also gets subjected to dirt and other debris on a daily basis. Occasionally rocks or other small things will hit the windshield and can even cause a small crack. Cracks in the windshield can be very dangerous especially if left untreated...

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2017 Honda Accord Touring V6 Brings a New Driving Experience to the 2017 Accord Line

When Honda equipped its 2017 Accord EX-L sedan with a 2.4L I4 engine, who would have thought it would need to wow with an Accord EX-L 3.5L V6 option, let alone the Accord Touring sedan's 278-horsepower, 252 lb-ft of torque iteration? But wow it did, and with 6-speed automatic transmission, a sport mode, and Active Noise Cancellation™ (ANC) and Active Sound Control technologies to make it a smooth operator to boot. But that wasn't all.

Honda took the 2017 Accord EX-L design to the next level when it designed 2017 Honda Accord Touring, adding a Collision…

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5 Ways to Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

Did you know that over 400,000 injuries are caused each year because of distracted drivers? It’s true. But with the advent of new driver-assist technology working in tandem with your own common sense, you don’t have to worry much about being attached to that statistic. Here are five ways in which you can eliminate driving distractions and stay safe behind the wheel.


5. Focus, Focus, Focus

Multitasking is a best practice for the workplace, not from within a car. If you’re cycling through radio stations, adjusting rearview or side mirrors, changing...


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Take the Time to Check Your Tires

Your tires are a very important component of your car. Your whole vehicle is riding on them, as well as you and your passengers. They are very important and need to be in top condition to do their job properly. By simply keeping them properly inflated, and aligned, you will get not only better gas mileage, but you will also prolong the life of your tires substantially. If you're not positive when to replace your old tires, you can use the handy penny test. Simply place a penny in the tread-head first, and if you can see the head…

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Ridgeline Wins Truck of the Year & New Odyssey Debuts at NAIAS


2017 Honda Ridgeline Wins Truck of the Year Award.

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is arguably the world's most prestigious and important automotive gathering. Honda immediately made headlines at the show when the all-new 2017 Honda Ridgeline bested the vaunted Ford F150 Super Duty and the Nissan Titan by winning the coveted 2017 "North American Truck & Sport Utility Vehicle of the Year" award.

The reimagined Ridgeline wowed the auto show's panel of 60 automotive journalists with its truckload of innovations, sleek new design, and composed "car-like" handling. 
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About the Three Civic Body Styles

In our most recent post to our blog, we talked about the extensive selection of new vehicle models currently in stock in our inventory at Germain Honda of Dublin. Furthermore, we mentioned our Honda Civic inventory and, in particular, how it is the largest of any single model we sell. The other topic we touched on, however, is the three body styles of the Civic, the sedan, coupe, and hatchback. A lot of drivers contacted us since our last posting to ask

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