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Headlight Maintenance: What They're Not Telling You

The tire pressure, oil pressure, and engine status are a few of the most important mechanisms to keep track of on your car. If you lose sight of these gauges, then you risk losing sight of the road at large. The road can be a dangerous place, keep an eye on these important lights to ensure your safety.

It is a good idea to have your headlights tested on a regular basis. Outdated headlights can be a safety hazard to pedestrians and drivers. It is often a better idea to have fog lights installed. The massive reach of fog lights…
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Do All Cars Need An Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles?

A rule of thumb for all cars has long been to change the oil once every 3,000 miles of driving. But we here at Germain Honda of Dublin are here to tell you that this number can be drastically higher for a variety of car types!

What isn't mentioned is that the 3,000-mile figure is based on traditional motor oil. Synthetic motor oils can last thousands of miles more and sometimes in excess of 10,000 miles even. We don't want you to pay for a service more often than you truly need it. The best…
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Sand, Salt, or Litter: What's the Best Choice?

Did you know that you can use sand, cat litter, or salt to get you out of a bind in the winter? They are all great to have in your car in the winter because if you get stuck, you can just throw some around the wheels of your car and get enough traction to get unstuck.

If you choose to go with salt, make sure that it is not table salt or it will not work. You need a good rock salt that has big chucks of salt to give you some good traction. It will melt at temperatures…
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OEM parts from dealership

Car service and repairs sometimes cost more than an average person is willing to spend. How many times have you put off something that needed repair simply because you were afraid of the cost? If you're like most people, it has happened.

When it comes to your vehicle services and repairs, it is generally well worth the extra cost to buy parts directly from the dealership. Let's touch on this for a second.

While the parts may look the same and possibly feel the same, there is a high chance that the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) had a…
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Make Sure Your Windshield Wipers Can Handle The Winter This Season

Most of us use our windshield wipers and never truly think about what it is they are doing or how they are going to keep up with the demands of winter weather. Most wiper blades are made from thin rubber that will freeze in the cold weather. When these thin rubber blades get frozen, they will leave behind horrible streaks that can impair the visibility for the driver to a dangerously low level.

This is where winter wiper blades come in handy. These special blades are designed to handle the demands of tough winter weather. They are encased in a…
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Is It Time For Vehicle Seasonal Maintenance?

Did you know that your car requires a different type of maintenance with the seasonal changes? For example, different grades of oil will perform better in different temperatures. If you would like to know more about vehicle seasonal maintenance, stop by Germain Honda of Dublin in Dublin, OH. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about seasonal maintenance.

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Road Trip Safety Tips From Germain Honda of Dublin

Keeping you and your family safe during this holiday road trip is easy if you know how to prepare before the trip. Here are a few key things that the Germain Honda of Dublin team would like for you to remember before you leave for any long holiday journey.

  • Take a minute and check to see if the spare tire tools are in the car and if the tire has plenty of air. Don't wait until you have a flat tire to discover you don't have the tools with you.
  • Keep an emergency box in the trunk filled…
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Germain Honda of Dublin Tire Tread Services

If you wish to get tire tread services for your car tires, then Germain Honda of Dublin is the place to be. For most drivers, it is very easy to overlook the car tires yet just by conducting a simple check, you can yield better fuel economy for your car and improve the general performance of your vehicle.

It is advisable to get tire tread services frequently to ensure safety and comfort when driving on wet roads especially during the rainy season. Tire tread gives your car the ability to grasp the road, this is just an indication of the…
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Is Online Vehicle Financing Right for You?

Are you the right candidate for online financing? There are many options that you’ll consider prior to buying or leasing a new Honda. Here at Germain Honda of Dublin, we provide in-depth online vehicle financing applications that can reduce the time spent at our finance center substantially. We offer online finance applications that are transparent and clear. Why linger in an automotive dealership longer than necessary?

Filling out our applications at home is as easy as pie. Completing a vehicle financing application at home in a quiet setting can also give you more time to think. 

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