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Honda Works Hard to Recover From Thailand Flooding

While much of the world's attention was recently on Japan following the massive earthquake and tsunami that the country endured, record flooding in Thailand recently presented Honda with another production setback. While we here at Germain Honda of Dublin are not thrilled to hear this news, we also know that the Big H is no stranger at this point to fighting back from a deck stacked against them.

Thus far, the damage from this…

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Honda Thinks Green in Big Ways

At Germain Honda of Bublin, we're pretty big fans of the Big H's green offerings. Models like the Honda Insight and Honda Civic Hybrid are just two examples of the green revolution that is happening at our favorite Japanese automaker.

Of course, there is more to sustainable auto making than just green vehicles. The way that models are produced has, perhaps, an even bigger impact on the environment, and if you remember our…

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Honda and Soybeans: a Match Made in Heaven?

You may be asking yourself what Soybeans has to do with new Honda models, like the Honda CR-V, Honda Civic, and Honda Ridgeline, and we're going to be completely honest here: not much. Rather, soybeans play  a large role in the Japanese automaker's production. Still confusing you, are we? Don't worry, it does take some explaining.

We here at Germain Honda of Dublin were delighted to learn that our favorite Japanese automaker…

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Honda Bounces Back Sooner Than Anticipated

Despite the terrible disaster that struck Japan in March, things are still pretty good for Honda. Suer the disaster caused them some production slowdowns, as it did with all Japanese automakers, but one thing that the earthquake and tsunami couldn't do was hinder the demand for vehicles that Honda is met with every day. Yep, not even an earthquake and tsunami that powerful could topple the amazing brand name that Honda has built, and…

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Honda Prepares to Bring Luxury to Lincoln, Alabama

With so much of the world's attention focused on parts shortages and production halts, it seems as though everyone has forgotten that there can be good news in the world of automobile production. Take for instance the low key story that Honda is in fact planning on shifting and increasing their production in some segments.

Soon, Honda will be investing $97 million into its facility in Lincoln, Alabama. The reason behind this is that…

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