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Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings: How to Tell What They Mean?

At Germain Honda of Dublin, we share a goal to keep our consumers informed about their vehicles. If you maintain routine oil changes, then you have probably heard of motor oil viscosity ratings, and keeping the right type of motor oil in your engine is essential for optimal vehicle performance.

Viscosity measurement refers to how thick the motor oil is and how much it resists flow. There are numbers and a letter found on bottles of motor oil. For instance, 10W-30 is a common type of motor oil. The 10 represents its viscosity in the 


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The Alternator Will Keep Everything Powered

When your vehicle does not start during start-up or stops while running, it is often the battery that gets blamed. However, sometimes it is actually the alternator that may be the issue. The battery supplies power to start the vehicle, but it is the alternator that charges the battery and powers the electronics while the vehicle is running.

If the battery keeps running down after being charged or your interior lights are dim, these issues can be indicators that your alternator is failing. Newer vehicles may have indicator lights for the alternator that will alert you when there is an…

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Simple Instructions for Debadging Your Vehicle

At least once a week our service technicians at Germain Honda of Dublin are asked about the safest way to debadge a car. We're happy to provide simple steps to follow if you are considering debadging your vehicle in order to improve its aesthetics.

Check your vehicle's owner's manual to see if you can determine if the badge is attached using adhesive. Badges using rivets or clips will leave holes behind and should be removed professionally, but you can easily remove adhesive-attached badges. Fill a jug or thermos with very hot, but not boiling, tap water, pouring…

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3 Tips For Negotiating the Best Price on a Vehicle

If you're on a budget for your next vehicle, you'd probably like to know a few tried and true tips for haggling. Negotiating with the salesperson at a car dealership is a common technique, so you shouldn't feel shy about it. In fact, the sales associate does it all the time. Here are a couple of techniques you should use.

Know how much the vehicle is worth by using Kelley Blue Book or a similar service. You'll feel more confident about how much you feel you should pay. Also, feel confident enough to walk away if…

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Commonsense towing rules to make the streets of Dublin safe!

There comes a point in everyone’s life when, for all their efforts to keep their vehicle dependable and reliable, they are in need of a tow. While this is a pretty routine thing all things said and done, there are some common-sense rules to follow to make things go smoothly.

• Be certain that the vehicle you’re using as a load capacity suited for the job.
• Thoroughly inspect the security of the trailer and safety of everything.
• Make sure your trailer lighting works properly.
• Be sure to have properly placed mirrors.
• Make sure that all of the tires on…
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Tips So You Get the Most Out of Tailgating

If you are planning on taking your pickup truck to tailgating parties this fall, we want you to have an enjoyable time. Read these tailgating tips that will help you get the most out of your experience.

To make certain you are fully prepared, keep tailgate items in your toolbox. These items could include tongs, a can opener, wooden skewers, a basting brush, paper towels, and your favorite condiments, such as spices and dressings. You can skewer and marinate your meat the night before for the best flavor, and you can also label your drink coolers to keep your guests…

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NHTSA safety ratings

Our dealership is invested in our customers' safety. To that end, we want you aware of the tests our cars have been through and how those results demonstrate the utmost safety of every vehicle we sell.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) conducts three tests to show how well various parts of each vehicle prevent accidents and accident-related injuries. The frontal test measures the likelihood of injury when the front of a vehicle crashes. A two-part side-impact test indicates the likelihood of a collision and the likelihood of injury after a collision. 

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What is an Infotainment System?

These new in-car entertainment systems can do it all. You can get blind spot monitoring, departure lane alerts, parking assist, and GPS navigation alerts through one center console. In-car entertainment also can connect to WiFi, satellite radio, and video calls, so you can now stream your business calls right through your vehicle or stay connected to family on the drive home.

There are some other new age features that are coming out with the newest screens, including tablet-sized touch-screens that can connect directly to your phone's operating system. This includes apps like


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Planning Your Route Ahead of a Roadtrip

Going on road trips is a fun way to see new sights, find yourself, get close with anyone you may bring, and overall have an exciting and enjoyable ride. If you want to go on a road trip, but don't have a lot of money, here is one major tip.

Planning your route ahead of a road trip is often a smart way to control your spending. Figure out in advance where you will go by mapping out your route and determining how many days and miles your trip will ultimately cost. With this already done, creating a budget…

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Car Covers Assist With Preservation

There are numerous types of car covers on the market for those who choose to use them. They are designed to protect the outside and inside of the car from elements that can cause erosion and other damage. Paint work is a valuable aspect of the vehicle. It can be affected by a number of different things including the weather, foreign objects and animals.

There are all sorts of reasons for a driver to protect the condition of their car with a car cover. The resale value is one primary reason. The bodywork of a vehicle will directly determine its…
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