Honda Battery Replacement

Honda Battery Replacement
The battery in your vehicle is essential, not just to the vehicle running well, but to it running at all. That means there are some things you need to be aware of in connection with your battery, so Germain Honda of Dublin has put together this guide of important battery information.
Honda Battery

Battery Maintenance Tips

The life of a vehicle battery can vary by quite a bit, but knowing what contributes to shorter battery life can help you avoid having to replace dead batteries repeatedly over a short period of time. These are the most important things to keep in mind in regard to battery life:

  • Check for corrosion on or around the battery terminals, this is a sign of a weakening battery. It may need to be replaced soon, but removing the corrosion can help keep the problem from getting worse.
  • Check for loose clamps or cables. Poor connections make the battery work harder, and an overworked battery won’t last as long.
  • Turn off electrical accessories when not using them. This is true while driving the car, but it’s especially important when the engine is switched off.
  • Make a note of the date code on your battery. This is usually found on the side of the housing. There will be a number and a letter, with the number representing the year, 18 meaning 2018, for example. The letter is the month, A being January, B is February, etc. This will help you to form a general idea of how much life is left on your battery.
  • Be aware that extremes of heat or cold will shorten your battery life. Parking in areas with more stable temperatures will help some, but in general just be aware that you will have to replace your battery sooner in these climates.
Battery Warning Light

Signs and Symptoms of a Dying Battery

The worst thing that can happen to your battery is for it to die on you unexpectedly. Maybe you’re already late to work, or in the grocery store parking lot with a trunk full of ice cream. So it’s important to know the warning signs of a dying battery, so you can get it replaced before it becomes a much bigger problem. These are the big signs to watch out for:

  • Delayed or slower cranking at startup
  • Battery warning light on
  • Corrosion on battery terminals, especially excessive corrosion
  • Interior or exterior lights are dimmer than usual
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Why Buy Your Battery From Germain Honda of Dublin

Using the wrong battery or improperly installing a battery could significantly impact its lifespan. The best way to be sure that you avoid these problems is to get your battery serviced somewhere with expert technicians and a parts department that stocks only Honda OEM parts. Fortunately, Germain Honda of Dublin is exactly that. Our Honda-certified technicians can diagnose any potential battery issues, and if need be, properly install a replacement.

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