Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings: How to Tell What They Mean?

November 30th, 2018 by

At Germain Honda of Dublin, we share a goal to keep our consumers informed about their vehicles. If you maintain routine oil changes, then you have probably heard of motor oil viscosity ratings, and keeping the right type of motor oil in your engine is essential for optimal vehicle performance.

Viscosity measurement refers to how thick the motor oil is and how much it resists flow. There are numbers and a letter found on bottles of motor oil. For instance, 10W-30 is a common type of motor oil. The 10 represents its viscosity in the winter, and the 30 is its viscosity when the engine is running during hot temperatures.

Visit our service center when your car needs an oil change. Our service technicians will make certain that the correct type of oil is used in your vehicle.


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