The Alternator Will Keep Everything Powered

November 20th, 2018 by

When your vehicle does not start during start-up or stops while running, it is often the battery that gets blamed. However, sometimes it is actually the alternator that may be the issue. The battery supplies power to start the vehicle, but it is the alternator that charges the battery and powers the electronics while the vehicle is running.

If the battery keeps running down after being charged or your interior lights are dim, these issues can be indicators that your alternator is failing. Newer vehicles may have indicator lights for the alternator that will alert you when there is an alternator problem. If there is an unusual screeching noise under the hood, this may also be signs of an alternator problem.

We here at Germain Honda of Dublin can check your alternator to see if it is having any issues. If the alternator needs replacing, we can let you know. We can also provide any other automotive services you may need.

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