Total Cost Of Ownership Is A Science

December 30th, 2017 by

We have total cost of ownership down to a science. Our finance experts know exactly what you are looking for; you want your dream vehicle, but you still want to adhere to your budget. We’ve come up with a formula to help you get there. It’s called the total cost of ownership.

We don’t just consider the monthly payment, we can be somewhat flexible with that. That isn’t the only consideration for the total cost. We’ll also have a discussion with you about your driving habits: How far is your commute to work or school? How many extra miles do you drive per month? We will use this information to come up with monthly fuel costs.

We’ll also help with an insurance estimate. Insurance is based on several variables. It often depends on your age, driving history and vehicle value.

At Germain Honda of Dublin, we have you covered when it comes to understanding the total cost of ownership. We want you to know exactly what you’re dealing with before you leave our dealership. We’re here to help you meet your budget.

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