What Happens in a Car Alignment?

June 29th, 2018 by

Do you know if your car needs to be aligned? Is your steering wheel vibrating or pulling to a certain direction? Your car’s suspension may be out of whack or you could have a tire that isn’t balanced in line with the others. It’s important to get your vehicle checked and aligned, especially if you’ve recently changed a tire or replaced a tire with a spare. Nowadays you can get your car aligned pretty quickly. The process simply involves a clamp that attach to the wheels of the car and link up to a computer that precisely measures and aligns the vehicle’s tires with your suspension.

The alignment process will align the car’s wheels with the axles so that they all move in the same direction. After an alignment, your car should move smoothly and not feel rough at all. There are also various angles that the mechanic will adjust as part of the process, this includes the camber, toe, thrust, and caster.

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