When Your Car is at Risk for Tire Replacements and Paying Attention to Tire Tread

March 22nd, 2018 by

Tread depth on your vehicle is to be taken in 32nds of an inch. By using a penny test, you can measure how big your tread is.

If Lincoln’s head on the penny is seen, then the tread you have is less than 2/32 inches deep. You will want to look for which direction your arrow is pointing toward the tread-wear bar. This bar indicates that you will need your tires replaced if it is 2/32 inches. The standard mark for when to replace your tires is milestone 2/32, and 4/32 is the newer consideration for when to replace them. Any less than 4/32 will increase the risk for accidents. A car that has new treading will be marked 10/32.

The less tread there is on a car then, the longer the stopping distances will be and the more of a risk of hydroplaning there will be. Visit our service center for a tire inspection if you are unsure.

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