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Fore! The 3 Finest 18-Hole Courses Near Columbus, OH

Summertime is officially here, which means one thing for many Ohioans: golf season! At Germain Honda of Dublin, we are committed to providing you with the best cars and Honda accessories to make your golf outing par for the course. Polish those clubs and read on to learn about the best 18-hole golf courses near Columbus.

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Heritage Golf Club: Located in Hilliard, Ohio, Heritage Golf Club has something for everyone. The Heritage Golf Academy offers lessons with PGA-certified pros so that you can perfect your swing before tee time. 

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Multiple Configurations for Space May Make the 2017 Honda HR-V an Excellent Choice for Storage

To find a vehicle that can have multiple storage configurations can be difficult. If you decide to check out the 2017 Honda HR-V, there are many of cargo space possibilities that may just make this vehicle your next choice. On top of the interior getting constructed with quality materials to make for a comfortable travel time, there are ways to maneuver the rear seating in the interior to create your storage space...

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Are You Looking for a Car with Precise Attention to Detail for Its Exterior? Look at the 2017 Honda Fit!

There are many admirable qualities about the 2017 Honda Fit, but one that may stand out is just how illuminating its exterior is. With bright headlights that can give you visibility if you have to travel at night and a frame that is chiseled and contoured in an appealing way, this vehicle offers a lot when it comes to the exterior. The engineered design elements get incorporated fluidly all around the car. Even if you look at the 2017 Honda Fit from a variety of different angles, you may get stunned at all of its impressive features...

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4th of July Events for the Whole Family in Columbus (2017)

Commemorating and celebrating our nation's great history is alive and well on its birthday, especially right here in Columbus and the surrounding suburbs. If you’re tired of the backyard shenanigans and want to step up your Fourth of July game, plan to check out some of these amazing family-friendly Independence Day events, where you’ll have far more than just fireworks to watch.


Red, White, and Boom!

Looking for the biggest fireworks display around? Downtown Columbus' huge The Red White & Boom festival culminates with one of the Midwest’s most boisterous fireworks extravaganzas

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Is Your Battery Reliable?

You need your vehicle’s battery to be reliable and dependable at all times. There is never any good time to have car trouble because your battery decides that it's had enough. If you haven't gotten your battery tested and inspected in a while, then it's a good idea to get it done by a service technician sooner than later. Especially of you are planning to make a long trip. Your experienced technician will be able to tell you about the health of your battery (it just takes a few minutes to test and inspect your battery…

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Be an Attentive Driver

Being a safe driver is pretty easy. You just need to develop a few good habits. Habits like checking your mirrors every few seconds and scanning the road constantly for changing traffic and road conditions. Being a safe driver is really just being an aware driver and a driver that is cautious and obedient to the road signs and speed limits. You also want to give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. You don't ever want to drive rushed or stressed because it can have a negative effect on the way that you…

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4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car & Garage

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the spring cleaning bug.  If longer days and warmer temperatures get you thinking about fresh new starts, you're not alone. While your first thoughts might be about your house or yard, don't forget about your garage and car. Check out these spring cleaning tips to get your garage (and what's in it) impeccably clean, organized, and ready for the warmer Columbus weather.


Tip #1: Clear Out the Clutter


Did you know that 57% of two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them — or have room…

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Why Buying Versus Leasing Matters

There may be many people who do not consider there to be a big difference when you buy or lease a car. Either way, you are making monthly payments for the vehicle and the depreciation on your vehicle makes it so that at the end of your lease term the value will be about the same either way.

Buying versus leasing matters as:

- when you buy a car you have an asset you can resell or use without monthly loan payments going forward

- when you lease a car you can trade in and get a new vehicle in a short…

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